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Changing your air filters on a regular basis whether it be every 3 months or once a month is so important in maintaining proper air flow in your home and keeping your equipment performing properly.  Unfortunately this is often overlooked by Tenants as well as Property Owners. Plugged filters can lead to costly repairs as it causes your equipment to run harder and less efficiently which may also cause your utility bills to rise.

Just like your Automobile, regular scheduled maintenance of your mechanical investment on your home or business is key to it's longevity. 

​There are moving parts that need to be inspected and lubricated, wire connections can become loose , dirt and debris build up on the coils that needs to be removed, condensate drains get plugged and back up causing drywall damage. 

With regular scheduled maintenance, all of these issues can be addressed. We offer a wide range of Maintenance Agreements to fit your budget to help you protect your investment.

Walk- In Coolers, Walk- In Freezers, Reach-Ins, Refrigerated Prep Tables all need to be maintained on a regular basis to minimize the grime that builds up on the refrigeration parts. The air in a commercial kitchen carries grease and dirt to these parts, building up layers of grime that will eventually cause failure to the equipment.  Protect your investment and service your equipment on a regular basis. We highly recommend quarterly maintenance for optimal protection.

Commercial Ice Machines should be serviced on a regular basis  to maintain proper performance, remove calcium build up from hard water that cause parts to fail & remove bacterial sludge that builds up.  Most importantly however, you provide clean ice for your customer's beverages that is safe for their consumption.

Ice Machines should be serviced on a regular basis and we recommend quarterly maintenance for optimal safety and performance.


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